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India is known as a land where people worship an entire constellation of divine incarnations. Their faith is mysterious and sincere, it is wise and simple – so simple that you can see and sometimes even touch Indian sacred places and get to know the depth of Indian beliefs during our breathtaking Tour of Indian Shrines that is located in Kashmir, one of the most beautiful corners of India. Kashmir is the land where Muslims, Christians and Israelites have common shrines besides Srinagar, where Himalayan settlements still bear a distant sound of the names of Gods and the whole land seems to be touched by a hand of the most generous Creator.

Boats on the famous Dal Lakeenjoying the sunset on the Dal Lake

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a small hill station somewhere in the Kashmir Valley

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a range of houseboats on the Dal Lake with a view on the nearby mountainspeople enjoying the nater of a green valley near the mighty mountainsa small village surrounded by a mighty mountainsa river with crystal clean water making its way near a small village
you can enjoy a horse ride in this lovely valleyremarkable view an a bridge and a small village on the opposite side of a rivera huge field of yellow flowers and a sight on the nearby mountainsyou will enjoy watching the sunset on the banks of the Dal Lake

RozaBal Religious Miracles


Srinagar, the capital city of Kashmir, is famous not only for its stunningly peaceful beauty. It is also known for the sights that surround it. The air is filled with the melodic sounds of muezzins calling to a prayer from local mosques, there are Christians searching for the truth about the famous sepulcher called RozaBal: the legend says that after the Jerusalem crucifixion Jesus traveled to India and died there in peace at the age of 112 years. By the side of this sepulcher, people say, there is a grave where Moses is supposed to be buried. There was a moment in the history when Muslims wanted to ruin the sepulcher but were stopped by words of their own Mahomet, the Prophet who named Jesus and Moses prophets and the best of the human sons. Now those graves are said to be tended by a Jewish family. They are visited regularly by crowds of tourists who want to touch the sacred walls and try to tell the truth from myths.


The Name of the Goddess


The sacred touch is kept by a small settlement up in the mountains, fifty kilometers higher than the location of Srinagar. Gulmarg, covered with snow in winter and bright with flowers in summer, is called a Flowering Meadow by local people. Ages ago, the place was called Gaurimarg – this was the name of a goddess, Shiva’s wife. In the sixteenth century the place was renamed after the order of a new sultan Yusuf Shakh. He was delighted by the truly divine flowery beauty of this place and called it the Flowering Meadow, Gulmarg. Probably, it was Gods’ will that the names bore a certain likeness and even today, speaking of the modern Gulmarg we pronounce the name of the ancient beautiful goddess.



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