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A lot of people think that Kashmir is the most peaceful land on the earth and there is nothing more complicated than walking up a hill to watch an amazing sunrise in colors of pink pearls. With our Tour of Indian Discoveries you will see that it is the land of contrasts and miracles combined in an unforgettable mix. This is a real challenge for all people who have just one vision of India: in reality there is a big difference between the quiet Srinagar floating among divine lotuses and the amazing alpine town called Sonamarg, which will leave their imprints in your heart during the tour.

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a view on Kashmir mountains from the Dal Lakeone of the cultural places to see in Kashmira nice sight on mountains from a flower field in Kashmira small Kashmiri village with a nearby field
Kashmiri nature is really remarkablethis is a great place to have fun near a wonderful riveryou can enjoy a hourseride right at the Kashmir Valleya loverly little house right in the middle of the Kashmir Valley

The Sweet Peacefulness of Srinagar


This city was founded in the 15th century by the Great Mughals. They loved the valley when they saw it and since that time had moved their court to Srinagar several times being not able to leave Delhi and move to Kashmir for good. There are two versions that explain the name of the city. One says that “sri” means “blessed” or “luxirious” and “nagar” stands for “city”. This version rings true because the city is really luxurious, with only the gifts of nature. Another version runs that the first part of the word means the goddess Tri, another personification of Lakshmi, Vishnu’s spouse and the lady of wealth, beauty and happiness. The second opinion is no further from the truth, as other places in the area – for example, the small town of Gulmarg – as well bear the names of gods. It is interesting that in the Middle Ages the city was named Kashmir.


The Contrasting Might of the Himalayas


Yet, this beauty would not be full without a contrast: tall Himalayan ridges surrounding the place hide lots of their own mysteries. A small settlement of Sonamarg gives a perfect idea of the Indian mountains. There is nothing more of the tropical luxury that smothers in deep valleys of southern parts of the country. This area is so close to eternal glaciers that their breath seems to be brought from the cold Eternity. Sonamarg is a starting point of many pilgrimages, though the road from this point is much safer than that starting in Pahalgam. Pilgrims are not into seeking easy ways: they prefer setting off on a more dangerous and tough trip, but those who are not striving to reach any spiritual highness are welcome to explore glaciers, mountain paths and try the ancient way where stones remember hoofs of caravans traveling over the Great Himalayas from China and back again.



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