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Some Interesting Facts about This Wonderful Land

The Indian state of Kashmir is not the same as the entire land of Kashmir. The state lies in the northernmost region of India. The whole Kashmiri valley borders on three countries: Pakistan, Afghanistan and China. Pakistan and Afghanistan are quarreling over its territory. A good third part of the whole Kashmiri land now belongs to Pakistan, another part – to China. The biggest piece of the Kashmiri territory is occupied by the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.Yet, all the conflicts that have even broken out over this land have not deprived it of its attractiveness for tourists. Now, as the land has regained its peace, it gladly welcomes tourists from all around the world.
Most of all, tourists are attracted by natural wonders of this land and its unique culture. It is interesting to watch how this land changes while one is traveling through it. There are several regions within the same state of Kashmir, and they differ from each other greatly. The most populated part of this region is the famous Kashmiri valley. The largest city of the state, Srinagar, rests there on the shore of the Dahl Lake. Northwards, the valley rises to the tall mountains of the Great Himalayas. This ridge is known for its peaks higher than 7,000 meters. Eastwards, the land opens into a wide plane Ladakh that is also known as the Minor Tibet. There mountain ridges are high and relief, cut by fast icy-cold torrents. They are fed by eternal glaciers, the age of which is counted by thousands of years.
Despite the warm and very delicate climate, these glaciers do not melt much. It is quite possible to travel to the mountains in May or even June and meet a part of the glacier blocking the road upwards. That is why travelers who are going to cross the ridge choose summer months for such adventurous journeys. These places are also popular with tourists due to the fact that ancient caravans traveling from China to the Mediterranean Sea used to cross these very places. Still, high in the mountains, it is possible to see their paths.
Due to so many travelers in this land, it has absorbed parts of many cultures and peoples. Jammu and Kashmir is the only state in India where Muslims dominate. Their mosques can be seen in any city in the region. At the same time, there are many Buddhists in eastern parts that are located near Tibet. Ethnic groups that are close to Tibetans inhabit those places. Owing to Moghuls, Englishmen and modern ethnic groups inhabiting this region, it is so bright, attractive and interesting to tourists.